The Exclusive Multi service platform - Designed for Gamers - is here. ERULEE expands to - Experience. Rewards. User-Friendly. Lag-Optimized*. E-sports. Ecosystem. Sign in and get enthralled with Services that improves and enhances the Online Engagements and Interactions of Gaming Community.
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A decentralized gaming platform that offers enhanced, lag-less & latency optimized Gaming Experience. Join and Play Games of your choice for fun. Compete in our Gaming Modes Contest and Win Prizes & Reward Points. Look out for Exciting Contests. Avail "Gaming Service" subscriptions from our partner Internet Service Providers, listed in the site.


The Exclusive Social Platform for Gamers. Sign in, create your Gaming Profile and start sharing Latest News, Highlights, Pictures, Videos of your Gaming Day. Connect and Interact with your Gamer friend. Meet New Gamers. Create a Clan, Discuss, Gossip, Debate. Discover & Share Tips & Tricks about your favourite Games. Stay updated & Grow your Skills. And, Play Together !


The Market Place Designed for Gamers. Searching for the exclusive Gaming CD? Have a Console to sell? Need that High-end Graphics Card? Look no further. Check out the Classifieds listing. Participate in bids. Got something to Sell? Create your Ads and publish it in seconds. Create Your Own Seller Page. Buy, Sell & Bid just about anything that Gaming has to offer.
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